Loss 6.4 – Umeboshi

loss 6
Loss 6.4 - Umeboshi

taken_aback (loss 6)


by dj ringu no yubi



Loss 6.4 – Umeboshi

Loss 6.4 is a short interlude between Loss 6.3 and Loss 6.5.  It brings us back to the character of the narrator and her subject, the odd Inertia.

The video was shot in Shibuya, Tokyo at the famous Shibuya crossing coming out of the JR station in 2010. The music is by DJ Ringfinger and features the most simple arrangements of the entire series. The found element arises from the faces that ignore, furtively glance or stare straight at the camera, often in strange sync with the narration. The narrator of this piece was played by AK.

You can access the music piece here at Soundcloud.





The third and final film is a repeat. I am sure Inertia has seen it before.  She sits on the floor of the gallery, feet hunched up under thighs and settles in.  She takes out a small plastic container of shrivelled Japanese sour plums.  The sourness acts like an aphrodisiac on her frayed nervous system.  She closes her eyes and lets her head roll back.  The skin on her lower thigh shows a slight glistening of sweat and an even more imperceptible tremble.  The artery in her neck begins to subtly throb, stopped only when she brings her hands up to the stretched skin.  She slides her hands up to her cheeks.  They stop there, briefly, as if to contain the flood. After a minute or so, they fall back to her thighs and slowly glide up her under her tartan skirt.


It would be rude of us to observe any more her of ecstasy. She is not the reason we are here.

Watashi wa kanojo o miru tame no hentaida?  Wareware wa hentai de wa nai.  Am I a sexual pervert for watching her? No, I am not a sexual pervert.

Umeboshi wa, yoidesu ka? Is Umeboshi that good? Hai! 

Anata wa eiga no bangō 3 o mite junbi ga dekite iru Inertia? Are you ready to watch film number three, Inertia?




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