Loss 6.3 I wish my mood would mask more than tape

taken_aback (loss six)


by dj ringu no yubi


Featuring her by Lynx and him by Kyle Van Son

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HER: The second film was about me and you. I wish this man would get over his insecurities and fuck me. I wish that this man will end my charade of loneliness. I wish my mood would mask more than tape. I want to be fucked.  I want to be fucked.  Instead I will try to fall into a dark sleep and dream of loud and ecstatic sex. I want to be fucked.  A dirty, grinding oblivion inducing fuck.  Oh, fuck. Oh fuck!!

HIM: I don’t love her.  I like her in a ‘she’s not bad to hang around with’ kind of way. I don’t want to lead her into something I cannot finish. I am a doll that she wants to play with day in and day out.  Why does she hide everything except for her sex?  It’s not that I want to settle down, have children and gaze longingly at a mortgage.  I just want to have fun.  What is her deal?  

HER: My legs are burning, sending spider web streaks up my thighs.  My skin is crackling hot, each hair alight, fanning out dark red flames.  My brain fizzles with the need for hot dirty pain; shards of metal through my nipples and sparkling electricity across my clitoris, running blood, not red, but dark, shiny black.  Is this what I am looking for tonight?  I doubt it.  Oh dear.   

HIM: I am as adventurous as the next person.  I like it, I really do.  But she scares me in a way that makes me want to run far away.  Her need for pain is a fetish; unique and terrifying.  It’s one that I cannot share.  She wants to be scarred for life and screaming for it as well.  I met a girl in a bar.  She seemed nice, if a little unhinged. We clicked; we shared sushi and perhaps a few too many beers and then, it was lights off, socks on, sleep for life after.  That’s the way I roll.      

HER I am clearly hunting the wrong guys.  I am getting lost in my own words and buried in a fantasy dark enough to make the pain go away.  I need to hurt myself in order to feel better.  The short sharp shocks of a needle running through the red flesh of my nipple, over and over, are like the pinpricks of light that seep into a camera obscura, revealing a brighter, happier panorama.  Oh God.  I want to be fucked.

HIM: It was the crazy talk, of redemption and revenge.  It was dark and fractured.  She wanted a relationship, after like three pieces of tuna and a night of fucking.  In the end, it was just a dream, a fleeting snapshot of someone or something cracking up.   I was not the doll any more; she was a bodiless remnant that ended up under the bed, broken, forgotten and lonely. Too much, too little, too late.

HER: Hello? Hello!


Production notes: Loss 6.3 is the longest of the Loss pieces, clocking in at just under 10 minutes.  All the footage in colour was shot in London and Paris.  The black and white footage is found material from archive sex education and sexploitation films.  The first film is called ‘Sex Madness’ – a public domain film from 1938 which you can download from the Internet Archive.  The second film is an educational film called ‘Human Reproduction’ also available from the Prelinger Archive as public domain.   The music is by DJ Ringfinger, featuring samples from a 1975 gas station sex education film and record set called Sexual Pleasures by Pent-R-Books Inc, get the whole set here.  The voices were performed by Lynx and Kyle.  If you like their work, click to their fiverrr sites from the links above.   

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