Loss 6.6 – End

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Loss 6.6 - End

End (loss 6)


by dj ringu no yubi


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This is the final part of the Loss cycle. It is a postscript really. On the other hand, it take us back to the beginning, to the tory of Inertia. Maybe all the rest was just work in a gallery, the interpretation of a mind warped by time, pain and umeboshi.

Loss 6.6 – End from DJ Ringfinger on Vimeo.

The soundtrack includes a stone beach being hit waves, a recording made on a beach in Dieppe, Northern France. The footage is from the same beach, the white trees that have appeared as a motif all the way through this cycle (which are located just north of Brussels Centraal Station) and then in a tunnel under Ljubljana Castle in Slovenia.

The narrator of this piece was played by AK.


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Inertia packs up her things. The now empty container of umeboshi, her black notebook and a half-full bottle of Pocari Sweat are slowly placed her black Converse backpack. She takes off her clothes in a methodical way and folds them, before placing them into her bag. Her nude form reveals the intricate pattern of ribbons crisscrossing her body that we saw much earlier. She unclips the pin from the small Häagen-Dazs name tag (her real name is Kuro if you must know) and pierces the outer layer of her breast with the sharp point. She pushes it all the way through the other side and clips the pin into the metal holder. A small trail of dark black blood runs down her white breast and stops short of her brown roundish areola. Inertia slings the backpack over her shoulder and leaves the gallery. Suddenly all that talk of ribbons, dirty scars and burnt flesh appear like the fiction it should have been. Inertia has a date with a photographer soon; outside, in front of some trees he has painted white, just for the shoot. She hurries outside and takes her place at the far end of the tunnel. You are a distant memory and besides, the photographer is waiting patiently with her camera for Inertia to face the light and pose. A subway train rumbles beneath her feet. It is more than likely the Yūrakuchō line train, or perhaps the Marunouchi Line again. It does not matter. Inertia is going nowhere.

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