The Loss Project

The Loss Project

Below is an index of all the completed parts of Loss.  There is still a number of parts unfinished, unwritten or existing only in draft or skeletal form.  This site will be updated constantly as new work is completed and I add pages with writing and stories.

You can always come here to see what is new and what is coming up.  There are more parts to come as well, so don’t despair, leave that to me.   There is no timeline for the work.  It is discontinuous. It is up to you to work out the order of the pieces.  It’s a bit like a choose your own adventure, just a little more fucked up.


Loss 1 – Blood

This exists as a story, in a small segment on ‘Get thee Gone’, a track from the DJ Ringfinger album ‘The gap between yesterday and nowhere’ and the track ‘Blood Ribbon with vox’ from the same album, a 27 minute epic with an enormous amount of found sound.

Loss 2 – Sore. Bleeding. Dirty

This exists as a story, and an extract features heavily in the track ‘sore. bleeding. dirty’ from the DJ Ringfinger album ‘The gap between yesterday and nowhere’

Loss 3 – Taste

Still in very early drafts, but there is an extract in the track ‘Candy Candles’ from the DJ Ringfinger album ‘The gap between yesterday and nowhere’.  Loss 3 is a sensation piece.


Loss 4 – Gloss

This was the first piece written and produced.  It is a carnival piece, with words that came from a single, vividly remembered dream, including the names.  Once again, the names are probably not relevant as they are not referred to at any other time.  Gloss has a sound piece , probably a song rather than anything else called ‘Gloss’ from the DJ Ringfinger album ‘The gap between yesterday and nowhere’


Loss 5 – act V

This is the longest piece of the project and the only one set in Sydney.  It actually gives ‘her’ a name that is never referred to again.  There is a demo version of a soundscape located here.  I have a new version of this coming with a proper female vocal, the current one being my one and only attempt at pitch-shifting.  It was a failure.

Loss 6.1 Inertia

Loss 6.2 Burn

Loss 6.3 tbc

Loss 6.4 tbc

Loss 6.5 tbc

Loss 6.6 tbc

Loss 6 is the most complex and layered of the segments.  Video, sounds, words and images combine to tell a pivotal part of the story.  It is also probably why you found this page in the first place.


Loss 7 Preludes – Les rubans et les cicatrices

Parts 1 and 2

(The Ribbons and the Scars) is the same story told from two different perspectives;  ‘Him’ and Melanie, ‘the third wheel soon to become the first and only’.  It has two pieces of music originally composed for the radio show ‘Fabrication de Bruit’.  There are two different versions of part 1, one with a speech synthesizer and the other with a live performance from Astrid.  Guess which one I prefer.  There are also two videos to accompany part 1 and part 2.


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